Cannibal vegetarian (2012) download

Cannibal vegetarian (2012)

Mustafa Nadarevic in Ljudozder vegetarijanac () Ljudozder .. fine work in both Metastaze and Cannibal/ Vegetarian as well, and he proved he is one of. Vegetarian Cannibal (Croatian: Ljudožder vegetarijanac) is a Croatian drama film directed by Branko Schmidt. It was released on 1 March and stars. Audience Reviews. There are no featured reviews for Ljudozder vegetarijanac ( Cannibal Vegetarian) at this time. Rate it! View All.

Airing times. Vegetarian Cannibal (Ljudožder vegetarijanac, ) Croatia. Director: Branko Schmidt Cast: Rene Bitorajac, Zrinka Cvitešić, Nataša Janjić, Leon. Danko Babic is an ambitious and amoral gynaecologist at Croatia's leading fertility clinic. When his colleague Bantic is appointed as head of the clinic, Babic . Cannibal Vegetarian is a film directed by Branko Schmidt with Rene Bitorajac, Natasa Janjic, Leon Lucev, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, . Year: Original title: .

24/08/ - Branko Schmidt's Vegetarian Cannibal explores the dark underbelly of Croatian society. Naturally, with such power, absolute and unchallenged by default, come many temptations for abuse. Vegetarian Cannibal, Croatian film.

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