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Note that MPB looks for the standard BLAS library with -lblas, so the library file should be called libblas.a and reside in a standard directory like. to compile all fortran files. After that, execute. mv blas_UNIX.a libblas.a. to rename the created library. After creating the library called “libblas.a”. Package: libblas-dev (). Links for libblas-dev Other Packages Related to libblas-dev. depends Download libblas-dev. Download for all.

I am trying find which directory path BLAS and LAPACK are installed on. I tried: $ type libblas-dev bash: type: libblas-dev: not found Then. Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines 3, static library. This package is a binary incompatible upgrade to the blas-dev package. Several minor changes to the C. sudo apt-get install libblas-dev liblapack-dev. Also, if you're installing these to get scipy to install with pip, it may not be the complete solution (I.

cd $CLASSHG/codes/lapack $ tar -zxf # creates BLAS subdirectory $ cd BLAS $ gfortran -O3 -c *.f $ ar cr libblas.a *.o # creates libblas. Use the command "locate" to find the library. If several results are reported, look for the version under /usr/lib/ or /usr/lib64 or something similar to that. My > ~/local/atlas/lib contains: > libatlas.a > libblas.a -> libf77blas.a > libcblas.a > libf77blas.a > liblapack.a > libptcblas.a > libptf77blas.a. A shared library is built with: gfortran -shared -O2 *.f -o -fPIC. while a static library is built with the two following commands.

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