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Silian rail font

I believe it's Garamond Classico Small Caps: garamond-classico/roman-sc. And the lettering is something called Silian Rail.” — in the In the film, the actual font seen on the business card is Garamond Classico SC. An autographed Greg Robinson business card hits eBay.

Looking at the business card from the movie, it's some kind of Garamond. Use a version that has Old Style numbers and small caps, see. It was disappointing to discover that there was no Silian Rail font and no accepted RGB or CMYK of bone color. The latex font called Palatino. In the movie Patrick Bateman says that the lettering a name is Silian Rail (I believe that is the correct spelling. Could anyone name me a font.

Download, view, test-drive, bookmark free fonts. Features more than free fonts. Shop Silian Rail Business Card created by JerryLambert. Silian Rail font lettering bone white professional executive plain and simple business cards. product tags: silian, rail, american, bone, color, professional, tasteful, executive, psycho, ceo, text, font, elegant, eggshell, romalian, type, nice.

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