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From a combination of the BORDATLAS-Team, RV-sites-owners, readers and an international recherche-team and the cooperative support of more than This service is unique: REISEMOBIL INTERNATIONAL offers you the opportunity to transfer data from the BORDATLAS on your navigation device. Are you. sites in the current map view. Warning: the search has found more sites than can be displayed in the map! Disposal places are displayed. settings large.

Bord Atlas is a comprehensive stellplatze guide detailing aires all over Germany and Europe where motorhomes and campervans can park overnight often for. hi,i keep hearing mention of the " bord atlas"!!! can anyone tell me exactly what this is and where i can get one i googled it,the. Recently got an email from Vicarious Books (pretty normal) and as we're considering doing a lot more miles in Germany next year, we're.

The definitive guide to stellplatz is the Reisemobil International Bordatlas. This large book is published yearly and contains full details of all the. Reise Mobil Bord Atlas is a large A4 book detailing the motorhome stellplatze in Germany. The guide is published by Reise Mobil annually and is very popular.

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