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Instead giving the customer a bunch of all, with ILMerge you can bundle all Next thing we need is a simple batch ( in the project. From now on, every time you build your project, the file will execute to merge your main program and other dependencies specified. Framework /target:winexe /targetplatform:"v4,C:\ Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.

I use ILMerge for almost all of my different applications. I have it integrated right into the release build process so what I end up with is one exe. This is not a programming question but you need to install ILMERGE and make sure that it is either in the path or that you fully reference the. Getting Dynamics CRM ILMerge working to create Plugins. involve any editing of MSBUILD files, creation of PowerShell or BAT scripts, etc. The is the following: echo %1 %1Build\ /keyfile:% 1Properties\ /target:library /copyattrs /targetplatform:v4.

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